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The NEV2013 Organizing Committee has reached an agreement with the European Journal of Horticultural Science to publish a special issue, within the regular 6 printed issues per year, to include 5-7 manuscripts related to the themes of the workshop.

Participants willing to write a full manuscript to be considered can go to the page Full Manuscripts for instructions and rules.

The European Commission - DG Environment and the University of Torino (Italy) organize the NEV2013 Workshop on ‘Nitrogen, Environment and Vegetables’ next 15-17 April 2013, in Torino. The workshop is organized in the framework of a tender coordinated by Alterra (NL) for providing support to the implementation of Nitrates Directive (91/676/EEC). It is addressed to policy makers, farmers organizations, researchers and extension professionals.

Over the last decades, the increasing demand for available and affordable products has been tackled by increasing agricultural inputs to obtain greater yields, often leading to an overuse or a misuse. Crop over-fertilization has raised the public awareness on the risks of water eutrophication. There is a striking need for making nitrogen fertilizer use for all crops more effective, in order to reduce its potential negative effects on the environment and, with regard to vegetable crops, on human health when supplied to plants as nitrate. In recent years, a number of research programs have assessed the effects of nitrogen fertilization methods, fertilizer rate and source on nitrogen uptake and plant growth of many vegetable species. On this basis,  tools to determine nitrogen losses owing to the different cultivation systems for vegetables and to the different climate and soil conditions have been developed. Their spread implementation can lead to environmental-friendly fertilization strategies, applied taking into consideration the needs and suggestions of researchers, farmers and consumers, and involving policy makers too.

The workshop focuses on the critical issues of the Nitrates Directive in vegetable crops in European Countries. The main topics will be nitrogen fertilization management, strategies to improve nitrogen and water use efficiency, relationship between nitrogen and other nutrients, crop residues management, crop rotation and monitoring of the environmental pollution caused by nitrogen losses from vegetable crop systems.

The workshop aims to enhance the information exchange among Member States on the implementation of Nitrates Directive in vegetable crops. The format of the workshop includes plenary sessions with invited speakers, oral and poster sessions, open field and protected cultivation farm visits, interacting discussions on crop practices, sub-topic specific workshop sessions. There is no fee for the participation to the workshop.

We are happy to invite you to attend the NEV2013!

 The Conveners
 Carlo Grignani (North Italy Working Group for Nitrates Directive)
Silvana Nicola (ISHS- Chair Section Vegetables)