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Different Sleep Positions

It interesting to note that people vary in how they sleep at night. Every person has a sleep position that they automatically gravitate to once they enter the bed. Ones sleep position should guide the type of mattress and pillow they purchase for it will help them get better sleep at night. Studies have shown that one’s sleep position may be linked to health problems and play a significant role in heartburn, snoring and getting wrinkles. What type of sleepers are there? Below are the different type of sleepers.

Different Sleep Positions

Stomach sleeperssleeping

This type of sleeper sleeps on their belly. It keeps the head turned and position in one direction for a period which can lead to neck strains and pain. It also elongates one’s neck backward which affects the natural curve of the spine for it compresses it. This may result in lower back pain. This may lead to blood flow being constrained and nerves being pressed.

Back sleepers

This considered a good sleeping position for it is easy on the spine and neck health. The person sleeps on their back which allows the spine to be centered on the body due to gravity. The back remains straight and does not bend. The neck also maintained its normal curve this is accomplished with the use of the proper and right pillow. Too many pillows can make breathing difficult. Sleeping on the back also helps to reduce the formation of wrinkles. This is because the face is propped up in the air and not smooshed up and lying on a pillow.

Side sleepers

sleepersHere one will either sleep on their left side or right side. One is advised if they sleep on their side to keep their head in a neutral posture with their chin facing straight ahead. Sleeping on the left side is mostly encouraged in women who are expecting for it improves circulation to the heart which is beneficial to both the baby and mother.

When it comes to sleeping knowing your sleep position will help you get better rest. You will be able to get the mattress and pillow that will be suitable for your position. One should note that with age, and health related issues sleep positions may change. Also if one has a worn out mattress that sinks in the middle some positions will be difficult to sleep on.…