Tips To Keep Your E-Cigarette And E-Liquid In Top Condition

Tips To Keep Your E-Cigarette And E-Liquid In Top Condition

Having a great electronic cigarette and eliquid is never enough. Even the best devices in the world can suffer tear and wear, from hard use. The tips below can help you keep your e-liquid and e-cig in top condition.

Never let eliquid run low
When the fluid is at levels below holes in atomisers cannot draw adequate e-liquid. This can run a risk of dry burn. This can taste foul. Moreover, you will be risking burning your atomiser. You should ensure the fluid does not run low. Therefore, keep refilling it routinely. You should avoid overfilling man using electronic cigarettethe clearomiser. If it goes above the required level, it is likely to flood the clearomiser.

Ensure battery terminal is clean
You should note that dirty terminals are likely to prevent terminal connecting and the performance of clearomiser. You should just clean the terminal using a cotton bud. This is to ensure it is kept clean. This is quite effective as it ensures the battery is performing quite well. If the battery fails to connect, you will need to push in the terminal.

Store the Ecig Correctly
The clearomiser has air holes that offer adequate airflow to keep the vape comfortable. In addition, they ensure that the wick stays saturated with the eliquid. If it is left on upside down or side position, it can get to the holes and eventually leak. Therefore, you should store the ecig upright, away from water, high temperatures, and direct sunlight.

Keep atomiser clean
You should maintain the atomiser and clearomiser. This is necessary to ensure the performance is kept high. Sometimes, you may find it necessary to clean it with a specialised ultrasonic equipment. You can also clean it with denture tablets.

electronic cigarette and eliquid Mouthpiece Clear
Dust and fluff can easily accumulate in the mouthpiece. This blocks the flow of vapour. You should just blow through it and mouthpiece. Using a tissue paper clear away any e-juice and rinse using warm water.

Keep the case Ecig in a lanyard or case
E-cigs are wonderful cigarettes that help people to free themselves from the traditional cigarettes. However, these electronic cigarettes are not immune to gravity effects. These devices can be damaged easily. A case helps protects sensitive parts when it is not used. It keeps it safely around the neck. This prevents it from getting lost or getting swallowed by the hungry sofas. You should avoid putting your e-cigars in trousers.